fondue1Is your student interested in attending LSU or currently enrolled? Are you interested in finding out more about what Hillel does? Let us know who your student is and we can contact them. We are also more than happy to answer any questions you have about Hillel at LSU.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hillel at LSU have a house or facility?
Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, with the recent growth of Hillel, this has become one of our long term goals. While there are several factors that contribute to this goal, from finances to logistics, we hope that one day soon Hillel has a place to call home.

How do students get involved with Hillel?
Hillel hosts several events each semester, including welcome back dinners at the beginning of the semester. We also have Jewish Life Lunches (JLL) every Friday at a pizzeria right next to the North Gate of campus. All events are open to students and free of charge. If you aren't sure where we are meeting or need a ride, let us know. We'd love to meet you.

How are holidays, from Shabbat to Yom Kippur, celebrated? 
The Baton Rouge community has two synagogues, both fairly close to campus and both affiliated with the Reform movement. Hillel hosts dinners and lunches in conjunction with several holidays, and if students wish to attend services, a group is often organized to go together to services. We also have fun events, such as the building of a sukkah for Sukkot and a costume party for Purim. When Passover falls during a time when classes are in session, we have previously held a sedar, catered by the university with Kosher for Passover food for dinner. 

How can I contribute to Hillel?
Hillel operates on a budget set aside from Hillel International, the Jewish Federation of New Orleans, the Jewish Federation of Baton Rouge, and the Jewish Federation of Houston, as we attract students from all of these cities. In addition, Hillel benefits from the generous support of several donors.
If you are interested in supporting Hillel, please make checks payable to:
Jewish Federation of Greater Baton Rouge with "LSU HILLEL" in subject line.  

P.O. Box 83431
Baton Rouge, LA 70884 

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