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While the Jewish community at LSU is relatively small, there is an active group of about 50 students involved with Hillel. There are both Jewish undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at LSU, in addition to several Jewish professors in departments from Physics to Sociology. From playing laser tag on a Tuesday night to gathering for a Hanukkah dinner and lighting candles, Hillel hosts several events throughout the semester to bring Jewish students together. While most events are centered around Jewish holidays, many are just to have fun and relax, taking a break from the stresses of classes and homework.

Hillel is also active with Baton Rouge's Jewish community, volunteering at synagogue sponsored events and co-hosting get togethers with BaRFTY, the organization for Jewish teenagers in Baton Rouge. The Baton Rouge Jewish community hosts several events in which the members of Hillel are always invited, and Hillel is working on building an even stronger relationship with the surrounding community. While LSU does not have a campus rabbi, the rabbis at both synagogues are available to meet with students.
The students in Hillel represent many different states including Texas, Georgia, Alabama and Illinois, in addition to several parishes within the state of Louisiana. They also represent a variety academic concentrations from Finance to Engineering to Music Education. Whether you are from a small town where you are the only Jewish person to a large city with several Jewish friends, we know you will find a place at Hillel.




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While the Jewish community at LSU is relatively small, there is an active gro... Read more...

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