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Jewish programs our students have completed:

Taglit-Birthright Israel -  If you're Jewish, age 18-26, and have never been on a peer-group trip to Israel, Hillel offers the best ways for you to have the time of your life in Israel. The next chance to go is Summer 2011. To find out more, click here.

Snorkel and Study - Snorkel and Study is an opportunity to meet college women from around the world
 and explore Jewish thinking, 
Jewish texts and Jewish traditions,while having an outrageously good time doing watersports in Key Largo, Florida - diving capital of the world.  Full scholarships are available to enable students to travel for free.

Additional programs available to undergraduate students:

American Hebrew Academy - Each year AHA employs ten post-college graduate students in our Fellowship program. Fellows gain valuable career advancing skills while working with students academically, residentially, and Jewishly (formal and informal). For both students and residential staff, AHA provides an environment that is nurturing to the mind, body, and soul. To learn more, please visit 

WUJS Israel Hadassah - WUJS Israel Hadassah runs 5 and 10 months program for Jewish college graduates from around the world between ages 21 and 35. The program offers specialized tracks: Jerusalem Learning, Intern Jerusalem, Arts Program, Peace & Social Justice, and Intern Tel Aviv.  WUJS participants up to age 30 qualify for grants from the Israeli government’s Project MASA.  For more information, go to

AMIRIM - A summer volunteering program in Israel for college students and young professionals ages 18-27. The participants live in Jerusalem, in Arad or beside Tel Aviv and volunteer for non-profit organizations four times a week, explore the Israeli landscape through weekly day trips and discover Israeli culture & society through different educational and cultural events. For more information, go to

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